How to Truly Forgive

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This is probably a continuation of my previous article about forgiveness.

Truly forgiving those who have hurt us is for our own good. It’s not necessary for those who hurt us to literally ‘say sorry, and then we the aggrieved party forgive him or her’.

We can just do it alone, in our own personal time.

1. First admit to yourself that you were hurt. Honesty is the best policy for yourself. Some people pretends that they were not hurt, but at times you hear them speak words of hate to the people who hurt them.

2. Tell God that you were hurt. As a Christian, in my prayer time I would tell God what’s inside my heart. Honesty is also the best thing to do before God. I say it all if I can, a ‘no holds barred’ type of prayer.

Make sure to literally open your mouth, it helps.

3. Pray those who hurt you. I pray for blessings and good things for those who hurt me. I do this constantly, and every time I recall the hurt, I would pray again.

Again, it helps to verbally pray.

4. Refuse to speak ill about your enemies. In an ordinary conversation with your friends, or when your friends ask you about the status of your trouble or hurt, try to divert the conversation into a positive one.┬áDo not attempt to ruin your enemy’s reputation to avenge the hurt.

You may respond ‘I hope we will be okay’ or ‘God bless him’.

Remember when Jesus prayed for those who hurt him? He uttered, “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing.”

It’s attainable, if we allow ourselves to embrace forgiveness.

I basically do the above, and it really helps me a lot. Although, I may miss it at times, but I try to follow those four factors.

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