Signs if a Person is Jealous of Other Peoples’ Achievement

Usually the objects of jealousy are famous, rich, achiever and good-looking. While those who are envious or jealous are typically the opposite: not famous, not so rich, and not so good-looking. More often than not, the latter has limited knowledge of those they are in envy of.

David Beckham. Currently, he is the talk of the town in the USA. Despite the fact that a lot of people are admiring his looks, his achievements there are still those who don’t.

Have you mercilessly tossed hate comments about David Beckham? I read remarks like he is the Anna Kournikova of football, all looks and no achievement; he is just famous because his wife is. Many want him to fail and all.

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If you do one of the things above, then you’re plain jealous or envious!

David Beckham is not all looks, and no attainment at all. He was a member of two previous champion football clubs. He was practically a starter in all of those games. He is the captain of England Football Team for seven years, a rare feat for a football player. He will most likely lead his LA Galaxy to championship.

Kobe Bryant. The same also with Kobe Bryant haters. Just plain jealous of him. Kobe has good-looks, money; achievement and popularity while his haters, oh well.

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Paris Hilton. Although I don’t like her because she is not a good role model to younger kids especially girls. She is also one of the most hated, envied upon famous celebrity. Did I say she’s famous, beautiful, and rich? However, I don’t think she has achieved something positive though.

Younger achievers. You feel uncomfortable, you don’t feel like submitting or you refuse to be taught when a younger, but intellectually gifted or athletically talented is around to teach you something.

If you experience the above, then you’re jealous and mixed a bit with insecurity and pride.

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I still do get envious, and do the things I mentioned above when not aware of what I am doing.

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  1. i also dont like paris hilton because she’s not a good role model for anyone! a lot of rich and spoiled bratty girls e.g. lindsay, briney and nicole, are becoming a pain in the ass when it comes to their take on responsibility and being positive role models. they make sure drinking while drinking and doing pot is okay. duh. stupid celebs.

  2. I think Paris Hilton & Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are just BADUY. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or pretty you can still be white trash (or Pinoy trash).

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