Good and Bad Habits of the Filipinos

I have labored practically all my life to gather these facts and to provide you the seeking public with sensible and accurate information.

Seriously, this is just a personal observation. What good to others may not be beneficial to some and vice-versa.

Let me start with the bad ones.

Bad habits
1. Freebie suckers. Filipinos are like terrorists waiting to ambush a passing convoy of soldiers. In other words, we always keep an attentive ear on whose going to give us a free meal and the like.

In the internet, Pinoys are like Google’s webspider, scouring the web for any freebies available they could find, free webhosting, free magazines, and the list goes on eternally.

2. White monkey worship. We treat some of our fellow brown or dark-skinned Filipinos with contempt. We joke about them for having dark skin, but when a racist white monkey comes along and flaunts his arrogance, these very Flips whine about being mistreated.

Observe yourself. When you are facing a brown Pinoy, you exhibit a blank unfriendly look. But with a white monkey, your smile reaches both of your ears.

I believe this habit is common to the Asian monkeys, where we used to be under slavery by the rednecks.

Good Habits.
1. Close family ties. I personally think this is the most excellent habit that we Pinoys should continue to put into practice. Without this habit, Filipinos could have sunk deeper into wretchedness to add to our country’s economic challenges.

I just had glimpse of my family while writing this. I miss them so much. I haven’t been with them for more than a year.

2. We are talented. Be it in singing, the visual arts like drawing or painting or web designing. Even simply as a common worker, we stand out.

I used to work in a company owned by a stingy businessman. The furniture workers there created world-class products that I couldn’t believe it was done by them. They could have improved it all the more if they were paid decently.

I know there are lots of good and bad Filipino habits; I just don’t have the time to write. I have a full time job and two blogs to update, hehe.


  1. i totally agree with you – WE ARE A BUNCH OF TALENTED and CREATIVE INDIVIDUALS

    I always find myself surrounded with people (siblings/cousins/friends) who are good in either singing/dancing/instruments/creative arts

    pang world calss!

  2. I agree with bad habit #1. To many, it does not matter if it’s at the expense of others as long as it’s free for them. Libre kuryete pagnagtatap.

    1. To call a businessman stingy in such an offensive manner is uncalled for. When as said, would the average Filipino worker have paid for it? He is much better than the one who hitchhikes on others and asks for free rides. Rather, employees should thank a boss for giving them a means of income, paid from the boss’ own pocket. In addition, a business is budgeting the risk of putting one’s money on the line. Maybe he just could not pay more.

  3. I agree with the freebee syndrome. As a tourists my filipina and myself went on a city tour. I paid for the tour in full but there where we stopped over to have lunch the Driver and Tour guide simply joined us even though they were not invited by us. When the bill came they simply looked the other way.

    1. In my experiences, we usually include the driver (or tour guide) in our meals, it’s part of the tour package. Although they sit separately in another table.

    No good culture, no good tradition, no local alphabet, so so.
    Better stay away from them.

  5. Are you kidding me? Talent? Thats why you have zero singers that write their own songs. Journey singer sings what they tell him and steve perry’s songs. a puppet.
    Charice doesn’t have one original song period. County of 90 million people and zero gold medals. bunch of losers by any count!

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