Please Don't Watch Tagalog Movies!

The title maybe a bit harsh especially if you’re part of showbusiness in Manila, or you feel insulted if you’re a frequent tagalog movie watcher.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an avid supporter of everything positive connected to the Philippines. Things like Manny Pacquiao, sports, Philippine Football Team, close family ties. BUT Filipino / Tagalog movies? A BIG NO!

Watching a tagalog movie is a waste of money and time.

I watched Super Noypi in the first week of January out of curiousity to check if the special effects in Philippine movies have improve. What a disappointment. It was like when i was 7 years old during the 80s watching crappy tagalog movies with crappy special effects.

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63 thoughts on “Please Don't Watch Tagalog Movies!

  1. i only watch tagalog movies sa DVD. really a waste of time. di naman siguro disloyalty ito sa ating bansa pero poor talaga most of them. meron namang medyo nakaangat but still not advisable that you spend money on them.

  2. Waste of money? You even watch pirated DVDs…Don’t insult Filipino movies,  don’t act like a socialite [edited]
    ( waste of money ka pa dyan pirated naman dvd na pinanood mo….. dont insult filipino movies, pasusyal lang kayo….).

  3. I have not directly purchased a pirated item, be it DVD or clothing for five years already. There are a few independednt movies which are of good quality cinematography wise. But i have not watched any of those indie films yet.

    Overall commercial movies deserve to be insulted because it also insulted the Filipino public for offering them low quality products.

  4. Is really a waste of time and money! Maybe someday it will be refined. Don’t feel this is an insult. The critic will let the filmmaker of the filipino to strive to be competent. It’s a lot of hardwork to be succesful. And, when you’re succesful you feel like a winner.

  5. Why are so many Pinoy films so shallow? Because if you made a really great Filipino film, much of the time, people DON’T watch.

  6. wat kind of person r u? go to hell mhen! dont tell people that filipino movies sucks… maybe u watch movies in pirated dvd thats why… dude! filipino movies r good, well it depends though… so dude stop making some issue about this!!! if you only knew how hard it is to make a movie, at least there are filipino movies. have you produced you’re own movie?  i dont even know if u hav ur own movie so stop saying that…[edited]
    [kung alam mo lng kung gano kahirap magmake ng movie you’ll see.. at least nga may movie eh.. eh ikaw may movie k b, n gawa mo ha?]

    Q: hey mhen! wat would u feel if we say that ur movie is A BIG NO and WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!

    maybe you’ll feel the same way………

    by the way ur website is waste of time……… bye sucker!!!!!

    u suck

  7. WOW MHAN! dont 4get ya flip too.. n dont ya ever ever dissed flip movies juz like dat.. if its crappy DONT WATCH IT DEN! how easy is dat.. wen i first saw dis blog thingy.. TUMAAS DUGO KO! coz i dont like dissin’ ya own culture..


  8. sa una maganda… pro un din nman..
    for example.. sa love stories.. laging happy ending..!
    maiba nman sana… sa action movies, bakbakan na.. nagyayabangan pa..! panay ung usap ng mga magkalaban.. di makatotohonan…. lagi png my production number sa beach.. halow..?? kmusta nman.. iisa lng ung pnaka “idea”.. parepareho lng..

  9. i agree not all filipino movie r worhty to wacth 4, but there are some na maganda naman, how can a movie industry grow kung di natin sila tatangkilikin, paano sila makakagawa ng magagandang movie kung wala sa kanilang sumusuporta? we have a freedom to choose kung ano ang gusto mung panoorin pero we dont have the right to insult and criticize all filipino film maker kc isa lang naman ang hangarin nila, and that is, to give u intertainment. CAPITO? IKaw kaya ang Gumawa ng Film? tignan natin kung may manood saiyo.

  10. That movie of Juday and Ryan was a good one. It may not be at par with foreign films but judging it from “Filipino standard”, it’s good

  11. I don’t watch pinoy movies either. It’s not just about the special effects but because most of pinoy movies are exaggerated whether it be a drama or action. Plus bad stories (scripts or whatever you call it), bad actors (especially new actors), bad effects, too predictable (old story), can’t even compare with other foreign movies. It’s the truth and we must accept it and do something for a change. Actors and directors must be properly educated…not just amateurs or with “palakasan ng kapit” effect. How can a movie industry grow if it’s full of junk, unqualified people?

  12. sus! wag na kayong magtalo sa tagalog movie…i´m sure you will missed it when you are in abroad…katulad ko ngayon 3 years na ako dito sa europe…nong nandyan pa ko sa pinas halos hindi ako nanood ng tagalog movie pero ngayon para akong sira gusto ko araw-araw akong manood mahal pa naman dito ang renta mga 200 pesos dyan sa pinas…pero bahala na basta makapanood lang nakakabawas rin yon ng homesick lalo na yong comedy…

  13. Every people do have their own opinions. What can I say? Well, Filipino movies are great, for the effort. Please don’t compare our own movies to foreign movies. When it comes to special effects or so, we all know the Philippines is not to mention a “corrupt” country. Sorry for being harsh, but it’s true. Budget of some little things go somewhere we don’t even know. I know a lot of animators who works in other countries. I even know someone who can make a full 3D movie but it will take him a lot of time working alone. I also know a school who teaches this stuffs, and I’m telling you, they’re great. I bet you all know what the school is. If you don’t want to watch Filipino movies, fine! No one’s forcing you to watch them or “waste” money to this movies. But don’t force or even discourage people no to do so. Let them see for themselves, if they enjoyed it, good, if no, then good for you.


  15. This is my second time to check out this web site since 2006, accidentally found this thru my powerful search engine that I always use.
    Well, I had to admit some Pilipino movies are not that good, some says its only a repetitive story you know what I mean. But, I DO NOT encourage my kababayan not to watch tagalog movies or Pilipino movies the right thing to say. I do sometimes compare it to foreign movies pero it should not be that way. We have our own style of making movies. There’s a lot of school here in our country about animations and we’re already trying to add some special effects.
    Foreign movies specially like the American movies…don’t you think they also make a repetitive story like bombing, terrorist, man from space, etc. Awwooh! Man! Are you a Filipino or what?

  16. I could say that some of Filipino movies that was produced is very low in quality but in fairness, I’ve watched several films most likely comedy and romantic genre and I found it funny. One possible reason why some called it “crap movie” was due to lack of budget, palakasan system, pwede na yan and kaartehan ng mga artista. Basically, Filipino can produce quality films wether it’s animated or not. I know that a lot of Filipino animist living abroad made immense contribution to create some of the most successful films out there. Kelangan siguro yung matiyaga at matinding pagpaplano. Pag may bagong foreign movies I always check them sa Wikipedia to know the plot and story base ng movie as well as the productions. They spend millions of dollars to create a movie and it’s a year or more ahead bago ipalabas which means pinagaaralan talaga. I hope that someday, Filipino film industry will wake up and sana hindi pa ubos ang mga Filipino viewer.

  17. LOL…pretty much agree with this blog. Though its a matter of preference with what type of movie you want or have an interest in. Despite the fact that a lot of effort was put to making movies, Filipinos movie makers should at least TRY to study and apply what they learned from the pros (if they have the budget) so that they can attract a lot of viewers…then again, the industry is quite competitive with better foreign movies made every year, and the trouble with piracy. The guy/girl who wrote this blog was just trying to warn other people interested in watching of an OBVIOUS fact that filipino-made movies suck. It’s his/her freedom of speech live with it.

  18. Not all Filipino movies suck! Most of them suck but if you do research to find ones that have a good story, good cinematography and a good script then you’re in for a good treat. Never watch movies that has the aim for exploiting special effects because let’s face it Filipino movies will never be on par with other major countries when it comes to special effects. This status quo will change if and only if an ambitious person comes into the local film industry with an unbreakable integrity to boot and lots of money. I rarely watch Filipino films but have come to like titles like: Gotta Believe in Magic, Jose Rizal(Cesar Montano version), Panaghoy sa Suba and all Shake and Rattle films.

    The films that dissapointed me are the ones that are heavily marketed like Yamashita’s Treasure: The Greatest Story Never Told, Milan, Dubai and Aishite Imasu 1941: Mahal Kita. This films disappointed me because it looses it’s focus on the storyline. Characters suddenly do things out of character and they insert one of the corniest scenes or corniest lines ever which really kills the atmosphere it was trying to build. So there you have it Filipino films do suck but not all.

  19. Good pinoy movies are hard to come-by these days….maswerte na kon dalawa local movie ganda panu-orin. Although there are a lot of potential good filipino directors in the industry who I think and my opinion could make it through in the international market. Kaso sometimes the case is these directors are hawak sa leeg ng mga big film producers.

    But some of em went indie…and they are good. But sadly di pa din tangap sa panlasa ng nakararami. And worst these good films contains controversial themes that really go against our catholic morals and dogmas. Its kinda sad what happened to our movie industry these days. Yeah…all we see, saw and there is nothing to see but garbage….be it TV shows too man.

    Actors and actresses in this country have no choice but to kiss ass so long for them have a celebral mortality. I think this is the only country in the world that really gave an insightful meaning to the phrase "CELEBRITY IN PERIL".

    But there is hope…and it comes without battery mga dudes and dudettes 🙂 . Sa mga bagong sibol tayo aasa ok. Cant you guys see the trend in our local movie industry. They are just really hacking up hollywood for good. Sunod ng sunod sa uso at pilit na maging unique at ginawang pinoy and dating. Transformers = Hollywood, Resiklo = Pinoy….galeng.. di ba 🙂 .

    Peace 🙂

  20. okayy gwapito…di ka rin conceited noh…wag ka ngang nagmamagaling, if you dont like filipino movies then so be it…you dont have to tell the whole world about how much it sucks or kung ano man ang pinagasasabi mo coz all youre really doing is insulting filipinos…which btw is like you. I admit that some of the movies are not so great but I dont go telling everyone that I dont like it because I know that it will hurt their feelings.

    so yeah…go get a life….you have too much time on your hands buddy.


  21. “dont watch tagalog movies” ba?

    very insulting, especially to those of the likes of lino brocka and ronwaldo valdez, “support filipino” ka pang nalalaman, or maybe you tend to compare them with those hollywood films. or hanap mo lang yung special effects??

    the title is too HARSH, there are a LOT of Filipino Movies that are good, especially the classics. if you dont like Filipino movies, DONT WATCH THEM.

    mahirap ang malaki ang ulo pare, madali kang magkakabukol….

  22. Maybe this is a little late for a reply, but I think it isn’t fair to ask other people to not watch Filipino films because you just don’t like a particular film. Hey, this exudes colonial mentality.

    Filipino films have their own uniqueness and identity and it isn’t fair for us to compare them with what other countries has to offer. Yes, there could be a lot of crap Filipino movies, but have you considered that there are also a lot of crap movies from Hollywood? Pilipinas ito, kuya. Kung alam mo lang kung gaano kahirap gumawa ng pelikula at gumawa ng konsepto baka marealize mo yang sinasabi mo.

    This is from a film student’s point of view kaya masakit yang mga statements mo.

  23. Hej guys, wag nyo naman pag labanan about filipino movies
    i know ang boring ng action pinoy movies, manood kayo ng drama yung na kaka iyak para umiyak din kayo

  24. That is true, most filipino movies blow.

    I’m patriotic and all but I’m not going to put everything we make on a pedestal.

    If anything, I’d love to see a great historic movie (a better Lapu Lapu flick).

  25. you sucks!! LOL!!!
    cebuano man diay KA…
    sUs ginoo..
    wag u nlng manoud ng filipino movies kng waste of time..
    wag mong tratohin ang mga filipino na ganun!
    filipino ka din khit anung mang sabihin mo apekto ka rin kasi may dugo kang filipino..!!

    BAYOTT!!! ang BOANG AY!!

    pagbuhat og imo kaugalingon na movies tapoz kami mag judge..
    tingnan natin DUDE!!!

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    Here is the link

    Proud to be PINOY
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  27. maybe you should enroll in courses such as film 102 and film 100..or even do research. You have a score of researching to do. read articles by lumbera, tiongson and the likes. You need to be enlightened on the culture of Philippine Cinema. You can’t simply compare hollywood films to filipino films You have to consider their history and etc… Yes..some of these films really suck but hey, don’t act al high and mighty on them. that’s the difference between you and smart people. “True artists do not mock the “bakya”…” that’s a quote from one of the few film scholars in our country. i’ll drop by your site to give you the complete version.

    Hmm.. that’s why my prof always warn us about blogs such as these..most film bloggers don’t know what they’re saying because they don’t have the true understanding of Philippine Cinema.

    oh yeah..unta di ka maka kwarta ani imo ads because of this awful blog you have..maka lain gyud ka! pag research oi!! pagtuon bah. dili kay puro yawyaw

  28. Philippine mainstream movies are crap! whatever you say or explain, they are still crap! even in a parallel universe they would still be crap! even the shows they make for local television are crap! our mainstream films cannot even be compared to the films our south east Asian neighbors make more so any crappy American films.

    so far i can see Philippine mainstream films fall to either 3 main categories. first would be films that are made to be soooooo “artistic” that you can’t even see or feel the soul, heart, vision, or sense of the film. second would be the drama flicks that are too predictable and would bore you to death x infinity. finally, third would be the marketed films that are catered to be sold to the masses/”idiot poor people” as they would think. after all exploiting the masses has always been good business for our corporations since like….. forever right. 😀

    if you really want to watch good Filipino movies your best bet would be Philippine indie films. you can never go wrong with our indie films. 😀

  29. @pffft
    I agree with you pffft.

    The first indie film i watched was Confessional, man it was worth every penny.

    Again i watched mainstream crap entitled “Baler,” it was a waste of time and money.

  30. well i wouldn’t say it’s a waste of time. money probably but time, never. since watching these crappy films would give one an opportunity to make something better and learn from mistakes.

    i mean how hard is it to make a good Filipino film right. you just need a good story/script. A good director of course. Lastly, actors that knows how to act rather than make “pacute” on the camera. oh and maybe some backbone to stand up to the corporate a**sholes financing the films.:D

    story, sense, depth, etc. of a film is usually thrown out of the window as long as they sell in the market. that’s probably the most common problem with the mainstream films today. truthfully, I’d rather watch the soft porn films they make before since the stories had more depth and soul compared to what they show now. how pathetic is that. 😀

    don’t get me wrong i absolutely love Filipino films especially the old ones. not just the mainstream films they’re making today since you can see that films today are clearly money oriented rather than just making a good Filipino film.

  31. Sa totoo lang, hindi naman lahat ng tagalog movies ay boring! Magaling ang Pilipino sa drama at komedi kaya kahit low budget yun, siguradong patok! pero pagdating sa action, the truth is muka talagang kulanggot ang movie!

  32. crappy it is… like GMA7’s telenovelas? Asero, Gagambino, Totoy bato, Zorro, and other pinoy imitation garbage fantasies… all garbage!!!

  33. Word of advice, men!
    ,,,don’t ever watch Filipino movies again! It just makes you sucks whenever you watch, so watch movies you really want.
    ,,,if you really don’t want Pinoy movies, then better shut your mouth up, because you really insult some Filipinos. Don’t discourage them. Let them know it by themselves… Besides, perceiving best or worst things depend on the viewer…
    ,,,Maybe, if you really want to change the concept of Filipino movies, do it righteously. You send comments to directors and film-makers. You encourage them, not putting them down. Just like what was commented by someone above, how will Filipino films be improved if no one watches them.
    ,,,Maybe, if you plan to change it, then make your own. [I know you’re a Filipino.] If you strive, your movie might be considered the most interesting and unique movie of all. Maybe you’ll include some special effects to make it more lively. But, make sure you don’t imitate Hollywood effects, because it will just make it less orig.
    ,,,As what you are showing in this blog, you want to influence people, don’t you? If you really want to influence them, then be a good model. Don’t let them hate you, because if that happen, you will be the worst influential of all. [So badly thing, right?]
    ,,,Lastly, if you want a change, start it from your within. Clear your mind… And start doing what is right… You can do something, you can change your title, your concept, this whole thing…I don’t want you to delete this blog…I really like it, it helped me view things about movies from both sides of a coin. So, good luck and God bless you men!

  34. TANG INA MO ,WEBSITE MO PA LANG BADUY NA , WHAT MORE LAMAN NG UTAK MO…..Dapat sau “GWA PWET-TO…The Opinionated Stupid Visuy Guy “…If u dont dig it , then dont watch it !

    BTW…dont feel shy to shout…” BADING AKO….BADING AKO..
    …I LOVE U !!! we’ll support U ! RUN along boy , Go play hide!

  35. Maybe Filipino movies aren’t as good as foreign movies, especially when you haven’t watch local movies in your entire life. And I admit, more often than not, most of Filipino fantasy movies have poor special effects and cinematography. I agree with you.

    But you only gave one example. You didn’t elaborate your statement very well, too shallow. You have to justify it to convince us more that you know it very well. And the title “Please don’t watch Filipino movies” makes me think that you’re requiring us to do so.

    Oh well. Indie films are better than mainstream movies, for me. They’re worth every cents you’ll going to spent. 🙂

  36. maybe filipino movies depends on the personality of the viewer no “offense” for me it depends on my mode sometimes i dont like or i like to watch flip movies for fun. for some If they enjoy shallow stories and crappy effects predictable scenes thats with them at least it makes their day watching it.. kanya kanyang trip lang yan but at least sana in the future maging same yung appreciation ko sa flip movies and foreign. ayoko ko lang sa filipino movies yung may mga bading just to make a scene funny and sa action naman ayoko yung unrealistic slow fight scenes. why thailand like ongbak can produce pure very good martial arts scenes sana in the future kaya ng pinoy magawa ang ganyan.

  37. IT IS VERY TRUE, “MOST FILIPINO MOVIE SUCKS!”, the concept and originality is very poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN THE FILIPINO MOVIE INDUSTRY PROGRESS IF THERE WOULD BE NO ONE TO JUDGE or should we say active CRITICS?????????? OKAY FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO KEEP ON SAYING “OKAY LANG” at “MAGANDA ANG PALABAS NG MGA PILIPINO” your not helping. As an example, ung mga love stories same concept lng HAPPY ENDING etc., then ung titles nila taken from “foreign songs” eg. Til My Heartache Ends, etc.

    1. Well said opinion louise. Yup, Tagalog love stories have the same happy ending, or any stories for that matter.


  39. I agree with gwapito guy. But this comment should be wake up call for our local filmakers. Most writers nowadays really are a crap. Action movie dialogues are archive materials. Comedy films are capitalizing on less charming faces of the industry, and we’re sure of a musical ending. Dramas? well, same old triangle. The age of sensible movies in Phillipine Cinema are long gone. The only Pinoy film I appreciate in my memories are; Oro Plata Mata, Manila sa Kuko ng Dilim and Jose Rizal.

  40. Filipino movies are meant to be utterly low budget BS. My mentor who is my teacher, a Filipino-Irish producer and my cousin’s mutual friend made a script for a movie called Ominous. Now this is an independent movie, so it is may be the same. As far as I know, I have not watch this movie. The problem with Filipino movies that their movies are meant to be corny, unfunny and stupid towards American movie watchers. In reality, those who watch Filipino movies nowadays don’t get the difference between what’s made there and what’s made here in the US.

    In here from the US, they make tons of money when they film inside and outside their studios. Back home, it’s the opposite. Filipino movies are better if they are historical and realistic to the history book. Nothing fiction nor poor portrayal. In conclusion, Philippines should stick to making good historical movies than making unfunny corny BS. Jose Rizal provides a great historical feature. This film sets before his execution and it depicts Jose’s bare bone story. As I said, western countries make better movies than eastern countries. It’s not just how they make them to be entertaining, it’s the budget.

  41. I feel sorry for the morons here criticising the writer for expressing HIS opinion. In fact, I guess why I don’t watch the films he so expressed his dislike for because it makes one stupid and look at life so narrow-mindedly. I mean, please re-read your comments some of you here who take his opinions like it’s a personal attack on you when it’s really not about YOU. Please get that through your heads and take it as it really is – his opinion.

    To the writer, thank you for your bravery for expressing such view on the philippine film industry. I, too, cannot stomach the rubbish that’s being fed on to the public. Even if there are films that are good out there, they are very far and few in between. Not all indie films are good, mind you. A lot in fact, are rubbish such as the poverty porn and the glorification of immorality. Nobody has yet showed the ordinary, middle class side of filipinos who neither live such deplorable state nor superficially extravagant lifestyle that so many construct in their films. The last decade that I can attest as GREAT CLASSIC films I THINK were the ones from the 80s. I am visayan and I think we need to hear more from other filipinos and their stories.

    P.S. I watched a visayan film called ‘Panaghoy sa Suba’ and I think we should make a few more films focussing on Visayas and Mindanao for a change.

    1. Well said winona. Some commenters overlooked the article and just spew their invectives without dissecting what I was trying to say.

  42. Kaya palan ang baba ng quality ng ating mga pelikula! People are willing to accept crappy movies to make them feel a false sense of pride for our country.
    If we don’t increase our standards, how can we ever improve our movies?
    In fact, our movie producers don’t even make full use of their budget and release movies just to get a quick buck.
    Take a look at this:
    That was made by a bored high school student who only had a camera and a budget of $200 (8,600 pesos in our country) and it already beats our special effects.

  43. I know that this site is only a form to critic something so don’t you guys make a big deal of it.

    The guy is certainly just expressing his thoughts, but then, he too is wrong in his own way.

    I mean, you could just say that you don’t like it, don’t emphasize on calling it a waste of time and money because people have different perspective.

    Its just like foreign movies, there are some which are dull for you yet you can see other people loving it.

    But also, stop flipping out guys.

    That’s all, hope everyone understands my opinion (and if I have had a wrong grammar, sorry if I didn’t notice it XD)

  44. Corporations keep everything in the minimal budget but profit 1,000% from it. No matter how recycled the writings or pangit the special effects are, “patok pa din sa takilya” until they stop producing films that are insightful and worthwhile. The industry fails to improve even with army of talented filipino. My recommendation is for you to watch semi old films like bagong buwan, yamashita treasure, muro ami, baby ama, markova, jose rizal (c. Montano)

    1. I’ve watched Bagong Buwan. But only a handful of really good movies are made. Most of them all the same plot. “Si Juan anak pala ni Carding and etc…”

  45. Filipino movies are crappy and low in quality because of the greed of actors and producers. They”re the ones insulting moviegoers when they thought ‘don”t mind the public as long as we got our hefty talent fees.’

  46. Filipinos love crappy Filipino movies, especially teleseries. Common plot/story they love: Rich boy meets poor girl; rich boy have a company, hacienda or hotel; their is perpetual hatred between sisters/brother over father, lover; somebody, mostly the rich boy, goes overseas mainly to Canada/US; they shed one pint of tears to exagerate their lonesomeness; main characters speak TagLish or Tagalish; lovers are paired at least 10 times before; mostly their is a bakla that will tell the audience to go kilig.

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