My Opinion About Michael Jackson

I first knew Michael Jackson when i was 7 or 8 years old. I am a passive admirer of his talent. If you rate me as a fan, I would probably be a 3 out of 10. His dancing just floored me.

When he died I felt a bit of sadness. Tears was in the back of my eyelids, but it did not fall.

Reactions about his death spread around the internet like wildfire. Most of them accolades and sadness, and a number hate and disgust. Saying he was a kiddie fiddler (pedophile). That negative label of him from anti-MJs makes me say my piece.

I don’t believe MJ was a¬†pedophile.

Although, there are a lot of rumors about his sexual orientation, that he is gay. But he is not a pedophile.

He had a deprived childhood. Never fully experienced like normal children do – play, eat, run around. The Neverland Ranch was a testament that he was to continue his childhood as an adult.

The accuser’s father was just intent on milking money from MJ. The father was was allegedly in debt in the thousands of dollars at that time. The media exaggerated headlines that altered people’s assessment of Michael Jackson.


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  2. why the hell is this no assholes, he just gives his opinion.
    fuck you both

    I think its great whit different opinions

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