My Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath Photos

While watching the news of the devastation and the suffering Filipinos in Samar and Leyte after their place was struck by the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), I desired of going there, so when our pastor asked me to go, I thought it was a confirmation.

Our team’s path is land trip from Iligan to Surigao, take a barge going to San Isidro in Leyte. Then land trip again going to Ormoc City. From Ormoc to Tacloban, then from Tacloban to Catbalogan City in Samar.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
These are my sleeping buddies. This is where we sleep, lie, sit if we can, practically for four days. Although at night we sleep in a house.

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Haiyan Yolanda photos
One of the houses in Feliz Mejia Village in Ormoc City. The damage are almost similar everywhere we go. Whether rich or poor.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
A wooden electric post fell down. A similarly looking house also has damaged roof.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
This is probably the most badly damaged house in this village. This house is made of concrete, and wooden part on its upper part.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
Metal roofing caught by the leafless tree.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
Another house whose roof was uprooted by the supertyphoon.

Haiyan Yolanda photos

This is the similar scene I saw while riding the highway all over Leyte and Samar.

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Haiyan Yolanda photos
Kids from Jaro, Leyte, still finding time to giggle despite the destruction around them.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
Primarily, the relief we gave were for brothers and sister in the faith, but we also gave some to strangers.

Haiyan Yolanda photos
The families of one of the members of our church at Pastrana, Leyte.


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