My Favorite Top Websites That Failed The Web Standards

Web Standards

By using W3 Consortium’s HTML Validator one can check whether a site is standards compliant or not.

According to their site: W3C primarily pursues its mission through the creation of Web standards and guidelines.

Basically the benefits of web standards are:
– Accessible to all devices (laptops, PCs, PDAs etc)
– Cross-browser compatibilty. No need to do another design specifically for a certain browser. Still a site is accessible even if browsers have updated versions.
– Easy to edit, remake compared to Flash and Table based websites.
– That means it saves time and money.
– Bandwidth friendly, another money saving factor.

1. Yahoo – 34 errors. Currently, the web’s star of all season in terms of site visit. So caught up with its popularity that it forgot to catch the errors running around at the back of its site.
2. Google – 47 errors. The leader in web search. Also a leader in errors.
3. Yugatech – 301 errors. A personal site of Abe Olandres. One of my personal favorite blogsites.
4. Bryanboy – 284 errors. A star blogsite maintained by Bryanboy. Also one of my favorite sites. Bryanboy doesn’t mind the error as long as he’s earning big bucks through it.
5. 2Advanced – 3 errors. Probably belongs to internet’s top 10 flash websites. Also tops in errors.
6. Paypal – 5 errors. Looks good superficially, but failed miserably in web standards.
7. iStockphoto – 16 errors. The innovator of offering cheap stockphotos, I hope they won’t become morally cheap because of errors.
8. Namepros280 errors. The admin of this domain forum site is a good guy, but i just dug up something that isn’t good – the errors.
9. Inquirer.net124 errors. Philippines’ best news website, bested the errors as well.
10. Soccerproject7 errors. I visit this site practically everyday to manage my football team. This site is a football team management game, but too bad the developers forgot to managed its web standard compliance.


  1. Am sure close to a thousand ang errors ko haha. Web designer ka pala? Been meaning to change my template for a long time..maybe I can contact you? cheers and more power!

  2. @Ajay
    I’ve checked your site, and it cannot validate, but i’m pretty sure it’s not compliant. Hehehe.

    Yeah, i am more than willing to redesign your site, but i will only have free time this June or July. Packing my things up to transfer to a new house in Pasig.

  3. @Ajay (annalyn)
    Your contact page doesnt work. Anyway, i probably charge 100$ for a WordPress custom template. But my setup is i make several premade templates then i let potential buyers or clients choose what they like. I dont like the traditional client-designer transaction, where the client dictates her/his requirements to the designer. It’s the pressure that comes along with that setup that i want to avoid. I have a fulltime job, blog to update, i go to school.

    I will put those templates up here by July or August, hopefully.

  4. I don’t know which pages you checked on SoccerPoject but I can assure you most of our pages our XHTML 1.0 Strict. You’re welcome to send me any errors you might find.

    There is one thing we have no control over, that is the javascript advertising code we use. I guess that is causing the errors you mention.

  5. Sjarel

    I found the errors on the homepage. I will surely send error reports i find one or two.

    Take good care!

  6. This page does not validate either. And to think it’s using a Transitional doctype, which is more lenient. Errr… just a heads-up.

  7. Sjarel and Jeffrey,

    It’s the widgets that are causing validation errors on SoccerProject. Third party apps. But I’m sure there are work-arounds for that, or at least I hope there are.

  8. Yup, i know. It used to be. But after i updated WordPress it became littered with errors. I don’t have time to fix it. I’m planning to redesign this page from the ground up. This design is just modified from the default theme.

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