Men, avoid women that borrow/steal money from you!

I’ve been involved romantically with about three women that borrowed/stole money from me. The “friendships” ended up not good.

One, borrowed money for her cousin. She did not return it even after her cousin found another lender.

Two, borrowed money when she was out of job. Then when the friendship was on the rocks, i asked her to pay me back, but for some reason she told me she already paid it and i was the who owed money from her.

The last one, even if i was just dating her but she started milking me. Then a few weeks later, she wants to borrow again. That time, i made several alibis, and avoided her. Never seen her again.

I like blessing women with money!


  1. gimme gimme gimme! :p

    i totally understand, i was a sugah mamah for my exes. i call them leeches and it’s my fault. i’m too soft, if they whine, i give them what they want. yeah, the age of youth and stupidity, i don’t miss it at all. i was so generous, that i actually gave one of them a baby. and of course, he ran the opposite direction.

    now that i’m capable of helping others, when i lend money, i don’t expect it back. it’s a good rule to follow, give only when you can, and don’t expect anything back.

    find a partner who is equal footing with you, emotionally and financially. it’s a good way to keep you sane. i hope things turn out good for you.

  2. I have no qualms if a woman has financial advantage over me not because i want her money, but what i dont like to happen is when she thinks she’s the boss because she earns more money than me. Hahaha…women…

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