De La Hoya Will Win Against Pacquiao

This is my fearless prediction. De La Hoya is technically superior over Manny Pacquiao. De La Hoya is not washed out, he may be old, but not yet a washed out.

Here are my reasons why De La Hoya would win:
He used to fight under the welterweight and was a champion. Pacman moved up just for this fight. De La Hoya is the experienced one here.

  • Bernard Hopkins then 43 years old won over a 26 year old Pavlik.
  • George Foreman who was 45 years old knocked down 24 year old Michael Moorer, who was previously unbeaten.
  • De La Hoya will punch faster since he losing weight, while Pacman will slow down because he is gaining weight.

I’m still hoping though that Manny Pacquiao would do an upset.


  1. well, de la hoya is known to lose on purpose. there’s a rumor that he’ll sell out. i will be watching it on pay-per-view! decided not to go to las vegas after general admission tickets cost $1k.

  2. You forgot a couple of things:

    1) Hopkins, Holyfield, Foreman, and company are the exception to that over-35 rule. Everyone else in sports slows down upon reaching 30 (even Michael Jordan). It may not be noticeable, but the effect is there.

    2) One of Pacquiao’s losses was caused by being overweight–days before the fight, he had to go through extensive sauna sessions to bring his weight down. A boxer weakens significantly through this process.

    De La Joya had the same problem. He was heavier than Pacquiao, so he had to bring down his weight not only by diet, but also by sauna. Notice that Oscar seemed significantly weaker during the fight with Pacman?

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