iWebmasters.com Violation

A basic information regarding iWebmasters.com: is an outsourcing company with offices in Ortigas, Metro Manila Philippines and India. They specialize in webdesign and programming.

I’ve heard good things about this company, however just like any other company, iWebmasters is not free of imperfections. I just found one; it’s not just any imperfection, but a direct violation to Philippine Labor Code’s policy.

Since iWebmasters.com is operating day and night, it cannot be avoided that a night shift employee could doze off during working hours.

Those caught sleeping are meted with a 500 pesos salary deduction. Fortunately, it’s not per offense, the deduction is 500 pesos per 15 days. Meaning no matter how many times an employee is caught sleeping; only 500 pesos is deducted within 15 days.

A good disciplinary method? Maybe. But this is clearly a direct violation of one of Philippine Labor Code’s policies.

Chapter IV (Book 3)

Art. 113. Wage deduction. No employer, in his own behalf or in behalf of any person, shall make any deduction from the wages of his employees, except:

1. In cases where the worker is insured with his consent by the employer, and the deduction is to recompense the employer for the amount paid by him as premium on the insurance;

2. For union dues, in cases where the right of the worker or his union to check-off has been recognized by the employer or authorized in writing by the individual worker concerned; and

3. In cases where the employer is authorized by law or regulations issued by the Secretary of Labor and Employment.

Unless iWebmasters are doing the number 3, then they’re off the hook!

This was written on Oct 23, 2007 when I was still an employee, but published it just today.


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