It's Not Time to Party!

For the time being, i have to put a halt to any revelry or party and not so important spending.


If you have read or watched the news regarding the MILF (not the porn) attacking innocent civilians in a town in Lanao del Norte (Mindanao).  Where about 40 civilians died, and a few others were kidnapped. The MILF also robbed and burned business establishments.

The people close to me live about 20 to 30 kilometers away from the crime site.

My parents, sister and her daughter, brother, my cousins, and friends.

The business had to be stopped temporarily. So the daily income stopped. My parent’s business is just small time. They basically rely on what they will earn for a day.

No party, it feels not right when i was out in a party while they’re at home in fear. I could also save money and send it to my parents.

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