I Cut My Own Hair

I’ve been cutting or shaving my own hair since August of 2000.

I’ve had my first skinhead in the year I mentioned, skinhead means my head’s skin and the blade.

I cut my own hair

In the Philippines, skinhead means still having a bit of hair, about half an inch high. But my idea of skinhead here is shiny, no hair head.

I was a bit shy shortly after the barber shaved my head, but I noticed I got a lot of attention when I walked along the street. So in my mind, I am “liking this, this makes me more handsome”. 😉

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I cut my own hair

So to maintain my skinhead every week, I had to shave my head using an ordinary razor.

But it came to a point when I got really tired doing the shaving weekly. So I let my hair grow. I trimmed my growing hair once in a while. But that gave me an idea.

I cut my own hair

Why don’t I continue doing this on my own?

It’s more than twelve years already. I probably saved about P2,000 (24$) of barber fees. 😀

In that span of years, I’ve had different hairstyles, long (hair that was waist length, short, Korean actor hairstyle, tomahawk, dreadlocks. But the last one, I paid a friend P1,500 to do the locking.

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I cut my own hair

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