I'm a Proud Filipino, and I Love to Improve my English

Philippines is in the limelight once again, and a positive one, thankfully.

My beloved country has been rated as the best in business English by Global English.

I always love to thwart an idea that I consider it wrong is that a “true Filipino should speak straight Tagalog”. It should never be a strict requirement for every Filipino in order for one to be called a true Filipino.

Rizal was a master in the Spanish language and it was the same language he used in his books.

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Today, a lot of Filipinos bash other Filipinos who converse in English.

Francis Magalona, who was a staunch advocate of Filipino nationalism was good in English, had songs written in English.

I am a proud Filipino, but I prefer using English and concentrate on it in improving than my Tagalog.

Walang basagan ng trip. 😉

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