Why is there Homophobia?

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What is Homophobia?

The word is a combination of two Greek words Homo (the same) and Phobia (fear). Homophobia is popularly referred to as fear of homosexuals or fear of gays, and the people with an attitude of fear or dislike towards gays is called homophobic.

Homophobia may vary in degree, not just in ordinary action or verbal, but could also lead to physical violence.

I personally believe there are two main causes of homophobia.

1. Extreme religious aggression. While the Christian bible prohibits homosexual relationship. Some Christians have unwisely use the bible verses against gays. Christians and even non Christians use it out of hate.

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Some Christians, Muslims and people of different affiliations with little knowledge about dealing with homosexuals can also further add to the fear.

2. Homophobia by the homosexuals. Most of the definitions of homophobia I found on the web are actually one sided or biased. Homophobia can also be caused by the homosexuals themselves.

As a good-looking man myself, I’ve experienced it first hand many times being pursued aggressively by gays. It’s also the same with a woman being harassed by a man.

With those experiences, it created a fear of homosexuals in me.

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Ideally, each person should not have any homophobia or any type of fear. Fear would stagnate our potential to deal with other people.

There should be love, and wisdom as well.

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