Ugly and Talented Singers

This is not to poke fun at these unusual individuals with international caliber talents. But hopefully, you’ll be inspired by them, as i am.

Susan Boyle
Gained instant international fame after appearing in Britain’s Got Talent audition. Although this 47 year old already had her song included in a compilation album back in 1999, but her career never really took off.

During the introduction part in Britain’s Got Talent, the audience laughed at her when she mentioned her age. She even got smirks when she replied, “I’m trying to be a professional singer” at Simon’s “dream” question. But those are really nothing compared to what appeared to be a humiliation done to her in an audition that happened 14 years ago.

Let’s hear her sing:

Mau Marcelo

She is Philippine Idol’s first winner. She received a lot of negative comments because of her looks and her weight. In the Philippine entertainment scene, the ugly talents are good only for comedy shows. But Mau Marcelo’s talent in singing deserves to be known internationally.

Paul Potts
Also a product of Britain’s Got Talent fame. This unassuming man makes me shed bucket of tears every time i watch his videos. He went on to win the 100,000 pound first prize.

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