Tidbits of Wisdom I Learned

The following was basically a forwarded text I received, but a spot on to me personally, since I have learned them and applied its principles most of the time. Yes, “most” of the time. I’m just human, but following it have been beneficial to me, and I’m completely sure, it will do good to you as well and others around you.

1. Don’t talk too much when you’re mad. When we are at our emotions, we say things that shouldn’t be. Even some of your deep dark secrets would be revealed.

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2. Making a decision takes time. There are things that require time to decide. Even if it takes days, weeks or months. If you’re a Christian, ask God for wisdom and peace.

3. Life is like a chess. One wrong move, and everything falls apart. Ask a wiser person or more to help you for advices.

4. Never let pride ruin everything. Lose your pride than lose a person. Lose your pride than lose a friend.

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