This Woman Replied to Me because of Money


Sorry if the title of this blogpost sounds lousy, I could not think of anything catchy.

Anyway, I’m just letting out my frustration about a friend of mine who was unresponsive to my texts and messages on Facebook.

It was completely different months before. My texts to her usually gets a reply seconds later. Even my simple message on Facebook usually gets a response from her.

We knew each other for about two years already. I have to be honest, yes I was attracted to her, and was hoping the friendship would lead to something romantic. 😉

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The sad part, okay not sure if “sad” is the correct word. She has a boyfriend, currently working abroad. This could be the reason why she no longer want to reply to my texts and Facebook messages.

I was frustrated really, even a simple question such as “Are you still in Iligan?”.

So I thought of testing her.

I told her that there’s money for her about P2,000. And you know what? She replied to my message on Facebook, without even replying specifically to me previous inquiry, and was very friendly.

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Wow, the sudden change. 😀

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