The Modern Day Nazis

Hitler and his cohorts may have died a very long time ago. Though some of Hitler’s officers are still alive today in prison or a few still in hiding.

But Hitler’s ideology and struggle to exterminate the Jews did not end after the World War Two. It was merely handed down to another group of people today, some are seemingly harmless and some are very ruthless.

Everyday, mostly online, I have found out who these Modern Day Nazis are.

Atheists. They have a lot of pages on Facebook, spreading further hate against the Jews and Israel. They feast on false news that BBC and CNN offer on their table.

BBC and CNN. These two leading news network are biased against Israel. They don’t broadcast when the Palestinian terrorists fire missiles into Israel, but when Israel retaliates they put in the headlines.

Hamas and Islamists. Hamas are the authority running Palestine and of course with the support of Islamists worldwide.

These certain sections of people in Palestine literally follow Hitler’s principles and execution of it.

These are the dangerous ones. They kill and destroy, just like the German Nazis of long ago.

Christians and other naive people. These group of radical Christians blame the Jews for Jesus’ death.

Also, these are the people who’ve been fed with wrong information, just like the atheists.

Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

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