The End of Days

I believe in the End of the World. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in all his words.

I believe when Jesus said that the end will come. Jesus spoke of the End of Days in Matthew 24.

Not a single person has the knowledge of the The End. Jesus warned about such persons in the Bible verse above, they’re “false prophets”.

The preacher in the botched May 21, 2011 prediction is clearly a false prophet. Harold Camping is a false prophet.

Ironically, Camping and his blind followers are urging the whole humanity to read the Bible. Probably, they left out Matthew 24 when reading their Bibles.

They even have a new (wrong) date, it’s October 21, 2011.

On the positive side, their effort would remind us about ourselves, the Bible, and Jesus.

Jesus Christ does know when it would take place. Read Matthew 24.

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  1. Jesus told us many things in the bible, like to beware of the pine tree, but at Chritsmas we still use it…well most of us do.. we use a christmas tree. Jesus told us that the end will come like a thief in the night… no one except the father would know… thats God, or Jesus does not know, nor is it given to any man too know, but MATTHEW gives us some clues or signs Matthew 24 verses 4-44
    What does the Christmas tree stand for and why did Jesus tell us to avoid it,some will tell us it stands for the rebirth of Nimrod, his re-incarnation, as his own son Tamaaz, back in Babylon, on December 25th. Nimrod was the grandson of Noah, and in total opposition to God, a hunter of man, some tell he murdered his father, so he could have sexual relations with his mother, who he later married in secret.
    Was Jesus born on December 25th, the bible does not tell us his date of birth,it only mentions two birthdays, on both, people lost their heads, one being John the baptist, the other a baker, a great cause for a celebration… I do not think so.
    Scripture would put Jesus birthday around end of September, a warm month when the sheep would still be outside, December would be too cold for them,so was Jesus born in September… if so… why do we celebrate Christmas in December?
    In Revelation 12 verse 9 we are told the whole world is being miss lead, by whom do you think?
    If your Catholic, then look at the Popes mitre, it is shaped like a fish mouth, does this represent the fish God DAGON? if so, then that is another of Nimrods re-incarnations, if your married whilst the priests are wearing this are you married in the God of the Bibles eyes or those of a Pagan God?

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