Tagalog Movies still a Waste of Time and Money!

This post is rather late. It’s about my latest lowlife experience again with Tagalog movies. It happened last December. It has been two years since i last seen a full tagalog movie.

While i was in the first 15 minutes of eight hours wait for my flight from Cebu to Manila, i had to find something to fill my vacant time, and thus watching a movie is a perfect filler.

SM Cebu was the best choice since it was just close to the airport.

Unfortunately, all the movies shown at that time was all tagalog. It was Manila Filmfest season. So i chose “Baler,” it won the Best Movie. Starred by Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis. I thought my hard earned money would not go down the drain because the movie won an award. And of course, tagalog movies “probably” have improved by now.

The acting was good. No problem there. But the props was a crap, the sequence of each scene was totally poor. It was obvious, the movie was done in haste.

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Jericho, we may belong to the same church. But your movie just sucks.

I want my hard earned money back. Huhuhu…

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