Philippines All-Star Candidate Lineup

This lineup of able political candidates for senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral and vice mayoral has been accurately, cautiously and carefully researched to purposely give the Filipino voters the correct direction on who to vote for. Voting other candidates not listed below will result in life misery and total chaos.

1. Benigno Aquino
2. Francis (Kiko) Pangilinan
3. Allan Peter (Compañero) Cayetano
4. Aquilino (Koko) Pimentel III
5. Francis Joseph (Chiz) Escudero
6. Sonia (Inang Guro) Roco
7. Antonio (Magdalo) Trillanes IV
8. Joker (Joker) Arroyo – the only serious among the government side, the rest are jokers, save for Zubiri.
9. Anna Dominique (Nikki) Coseteng
10.John Henry (Sonny) Osmena
11. Juan Miguel (Migz) Zubiri
12. Manuel (Manny) Villar Jr.

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Congressional (no profiles)

Jejomar Binay (Makati City)- running against GMA ally Lito Lapid who is not even a Makati resident. Pres. Arroyo is fond of disrespecting the Constitution left and right.

Tomas Osme̱a (Cebu City) РArrogant and tactless, but has an excellent managerial skills.

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  1. why do you think did joker line up with the government’s side? i was a fan but him being in that group swept away my admiration. or am i just being cynical?

  2. @bingskee
    HHhm, that made me wonder too. I guess he needed a support with big bucks, namely GMA. I could have included Legarda in the lineup, but somebody told me she literally stole a piece of land property from somebody, so i put Zubiri instead.

  3. Joker Arroyo has always kept his autonomy from the administration despite his alignment with GMA. He has been critical with various policies and has not been the lapdog that most people would want to paint him.

    I think Escudero has nothing to offer. His motion to scrap algebra and other math subjects in the high school curriculum is utterly idiotic. If people want a dumber Philippines, vote for Escudero.

  4. @benj
    What Chiz wants to scrap math and algebra?! That is just absurd! Tsk tsk, bad of him. I may suck at math but scrapping it is just unreasonable. Hhhm, i may scrap him out of my lineup then.

  5. Yes sir!

    He said those things during his privilege speech in 2006. Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry are not important in everyday life… kasi sya daw, sa billiards nya lang daw nagamit yun.

    What an idiot.

  6. Wag si John O. He voted against the UP system bill for no legitimate reason except for the fact na may galit siya sa UP President
    “Osmeña reserved his worst diatribes for me, privately calling me a communist, blaming my relatives in Cebu for his political misfortunes, and vowing to make UP pay for ‘demonizing’ him during the bases debate more than a decade ago. He informed UP officials that only my immediate resignation from the UP presidency could secure his support for the Charter bill. When he realized that I was resolved to serve UP to the end of my term, he proceeded to do his best to achieve the same end and to maim SB 2587 in the process,” a bitter Nemenzo recounted.” -This quote came from Jojo Robles in an article for the Manila Standard. It says much about John O.

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