Naderev Saños Response About Climate Gate

Global Warming
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The Mindanao Bloggers Summit was an eye opener for me, again it reminded that climate change is real and inevitable. I posted an article here and posted a status in my Facebook Wall. But then a friend replied to my status, and he told me a movement called Climate Gate is disproving climate change.

Although, I heard a certain group opposing the “climate change”, but never specifically the name Climate Gate.

Since I missed asking a question during the summit, I asked Climate Change Commissioner Naderev Saño a question I posted on his FB Wall.

Gwapito: “Sir Nadz, what can you say about the Climate Gate? I was at the MBS last week. I forgot to ask you a question.”

Naderev Saño: “The Climate Gate is one of those reminders that nobody’s perfect. Even scientists can make mistakes and they can falter. But all of these mistakes combined together doesn’t debunk the reality of climate change. The big bulk of scientific evidence shows that human-induced climate change is real and is already happening.”


Climate Change or Global Warming is real, there’s even a recent article in Yahoo! about a large iceberg that has a large crack.

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