Mr. Right is A Diamond

Diamond Men
Photo credits to Craft*ology

Looking for the right man is like searching for a shiny fist-sized diamond in Africa.

I just read a blog a few minutes ago written by a woman who was apparently have not moved on from a heartache. Bitter is the better word to describe her feelings.

Men of good stature are hard to come by. A lot of relationships and marriages failed, and men is the culprit most of the time.

The leading sins of men:
1. Unfaithfulness. Some men having relationships with two or more women is morale boosting. Hahaha 😀

2. Slothfulness. Literally. A lot of men I know just don’t have the motivation to provide food for their family.

3. Immaturity. Does not know how to deal with the woman’s feelings. Women can be stupid at times, but men that we are should have patience and the leadership to work around a woman’s behavior. Easy to say though, hahaha.


  1. Tnx. for this post gwapito.

    Definitely finding the right man is like digging and searching a diamond. But I believe in God’s power… in God’s perfect time and in the right circumstances… God is going to reveal to you your “God-oriented man”.

    This comment is for women out there… Don’t hurry in a relationship. Don’t enter a relationship because you feel it or you need it (or mostly he is handsome or cute). Just wait for God’s will and wait for Him to write your own love story. Keep goin’ and God bless.

    JLY- Jesus Loves YOu

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