Jealousy Is Not Always a Sign of Being in Love

Jealousy is not a sign of love

When I was a teenager I read a one sentence quote, “Love is not always a sign of being in love”. Immature that I was, I disagreed.

Now that I’m now in my 30s and have been through a lot emotional experiences, I could relate to whoever wrote that short piece.

I believe jealousy is also stemmed from insecurity, not because you’re in love. Insecurity is selfishness, not love. A jealous husband will physically or emotionally hurt his wife if he suspected her of cheating on him.

We should not hurt the ones we love. This is true love. True love trusts. But if trust is wrecked, or if the one you love is obviously cheating on you, then that’s the time to be jealous, but hurting the guilty one should be avoided.

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5 thoughts on “Jealousy Is Not Always a Sign of Being in Love

  1. and it’s also a sign of immaturity… been a jealous type once but it’s all because of love. it’s a wonderful feeling to mature and smile at those immature ways i did and felt.

    personally, a jealous type woman is bearable but a jealous man is unbearable. usually these types of men resort to violence and suicidal acts because of jealousy.

  2. We’ve always defined jealousy as cheating- our partners seeing someone else etc.. but can also be defined as not getting the expectations we set from them.

    .. and when we don’t get it, it makes us feel sour, we lose control of ourselves and that’s the worst a man can have for himself.

    So we’ll just have to try not to expect too much from our partners, but try to keep your expectations to ourselves.. and so jealousy can be avoided. 🙂

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