I Sell Stock Photos and Vectors

I’ve always wanted to do this in a long time, selling my own photos and illustration on my own site.

I contribute to big stock photo sellers such as iStockphoto and Shutterstock, and I earn a percentage. But the recent changes of the payouts they give to us artists and photographers has been disappointing.

What used to be about 40% commission for us, the giant stock agency as they also called, have lowered the percentage, to about 30% for Exclusive artists. Exclusives are those who only submit photos and illustrations to iStock and no other agencies.

Good thing another contributor and a web programmer have thought of a project of creating a WordPress based software that enable the common man like me to sell my own artworks in my own site.

I can setup my own price, and about 95% goes to mine and it’s slightly cheaper than iStock. Although most of my vector illustration and photos are still in iStock, and still submit to them. But once the sale gets consistent in my own site, I would stop contributing to iStock.

Please take a look at my own royalty-free stock photo and vector illustration site.

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