I love KFC Cruelty

I hope KFC can do more cruelty so they continue to give me tasty chicken. I don’t like their Hot Wings though, it’s just misleading. Two piece wings is actually one wing, divided into one, while the four piece chicken is two pieces, sliced into four parts.

Nevertheless, i support KFC cruelty on chickens!


  1. Pamela Lee Anderson is Vegan and a PETA activist. This is simply Propaganda.

    Relax Guys. I strongly doubt the Philippines do Industrial Chicken Farming in the same scale or process. I dont see a reason why a local filipino farmer would bother investing a machine flattening a chicken’s nose? It would only justify as an unecessary expense. Just watch “Ating Alamin” an agricultural tv show and you’ll be updated on how farming is done here.

    AFAIK profitable chicken farms here do the 90 days cycle from chick to slaughter. In fact chickens never even touch the ground in their entire life. They are caged up and live individualy housed in a Coop, thats are raised a few feets above the ground in Stilts. Oh BTW chickens in the philippines is one of the safest in the world. We have no local cases of bird flue in our farms. I would be more wary of imported chicken.

    If you dont want to become Vegan and still would like to eat your chicken grown more humanely or simply hate the industrial chicken farming methond. Go Buy Organic Free Range Chicken. Organic means all the feeds are all natural food with no pesticides and Free Range means the chicken are allowed to roam freely in the farm. But be prepared to pay a premium. They are not cheap.

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