How to Achieve Your Dreams

This is applicable to all types of people, whether you are a citizen of a prosperous country or an inhabitant of a wasteland. This will basically work on people with different religious background.

This is based on my own personal experience. You must have or do the following, not necessarily in order.

1. Be positive and optimistic about everything even if the atmosphere around you is opposite of what you wanted to be in. Refuse to succumb to the desperation even if you’re a citizen of a troubled nation or you are in a crumbling marriage or you’re a member of a broken family.

Think positive thoughts, believe that you’re present troubles are just temporary; it will only help you grow as a person. Do not let emotions control, but be in control of it. Do not be apathetic, but learn to control your emotions.

An example is if a certain citizen of a country where the demented state of government, the corrupt police, and the political condition makes him want to throw up because he just can’t swallow everything he witness.

What he wisely does is talk less about the negativity that he sees and hears and just focuses on what he can offer to his country.

2. Read books on topics about inspirational and accounts of people who overcame obstacles and be encouraged by it.

Majority of the books I read are Bible inspired. If you don’t like even the mere thought of the Bible or Christianity, then meticulously search non-Christian based books in your favorite online or traditional bookstores.

I have read the Power of Your Words by E.W. Kenyon, it is Bible-based, and the book teaches on speaking positive words. I’m pretty sure you can find non Christian authors that deals with similar subject.

Do not think of the Bible as a religious book; consider it as any other book. I’m sure you will find gems inside as I do. Read about Joseph called the Dreamer in Genesis 37 to 48.

3. Speak positive and optimistic words. When you are in the midst of a problem that seems too hard to find a solution, reject any urge to say negative words on yourself. If you do that it would only deteriorate your emotional condition, and most likely will worsen the problem.

4. Pursue a dream that you love to do. Do not let money be your goal. If you make money your master, you will lose your focus.

Let others benefit from your dreams, not just yourself. Dreamers are not selfish. Selfish people should not take part.

If you love writing, or want to teach to kids, then make plans for it.

Even if you presently lack the knowledge of what you love to do, just continue with it. Make every effort to find ways to learn your craft.

According to Bob Parsons, the owner of, “When you love something, it tells you all its secrets”.

I used to work in an architectural firm. But the internet got me lured into, and thus the desire to become a Webdesigner was thumping like a heartbeat. So I bought a web design tutorial book, learned web design without my own computer. Here I am now, working fulltime as a Webdesigner.

There was this businessman, his business was doing well. But he sold his construction-related business, went to teaching school, and then setup his own preschool. He feels rewarded while he is with little children. It was a longtime dream of his.

5. There will be dream breakers. Some humans don’t have your line of thinking. Learn not to compromise your dreams to these people. They are your friends, could be your wife or husband, business partners, and could be anyone you thought your can trust. They will laugh at your dreams; they will tell you it’s impossible.

Do not give in no matter what.

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