Filipino Complainers Versus Alec Baldwin

The Filipinos are at it again. I should rephrase that:¬† “some of the Filipinos” are at it again. Another complaining attitude. This time against Alec Baldwin.

Before Baldwin, there were Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives and Chip Tsao, just to name a few.

Filipinos complained after Alec Baldwin said that he will buy a Filipina wife since he is now 51 years old. Filipinos were insulted with his words.

I believe  Americans are more visible targets to insults than Filipinos, and i still have to hear them filing an official complaint.

I hope the Filipinos will learn to eschew the “victim” mentality.


  1. The sad part of this is that the offensive igorot joke of Candy pangilinan was shrugged by the senate. It went national yet the sentaongs didn’t do anything to punish those who mock people just because of their ethnicity.

    Hindi ako igorot, tao ako

    Between thaCandy and Alec’s joke, which is more offensive. Candy’s joke was suggesting that Igorots aren’t human.

    Shame on Revill,a who himself do not respect Filipinas as he himself have mistresses, to act like someone in his action films yet doing nothing against ethnic discrimination

    Hello, guwapito. Kumusta?

  2. Don’t worry cleve, it’s not only Americans. Filipinos too are insensitive.

    Candy Pangilinan: tao ako, Hindi Igorot.

    SSS movie: Dapat TAgALOG para Pinoy(Impying that if you do not speak Tagalog, you are not Pinoy…eew)

    And the big difference: The US has an anti-discrimiantion law while the Philippines doesn’t have. talk about Insensitivity and Stupidity.

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