English is Just Like Any Other Language

English is just like any other other language. English is just like Cebuano, it’s like Tagalog, it’s like Chinese and I could on like there’s no end.

But English has a different standing in the minds of people from different places. For example in the Philippines, when a native can speak straight English, he is perceived as intelligent or rich. A Filipino friend of mine who visited China told me that the people there unconsciously thought of him as respectable because he speaks good English.Although at times English can be a hated language by others. I think this is brought about the hearers own personal insecurities, in other words some people gets jealous when they hear a person speaks English.

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Why English has this reputation? I believe it’s because it’s a language spoken by rich countries. Just like in other situations, the rich and famous are respected, but at the same time an object of hate by a few.

English is just one of the 46,820 languages on earth.

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  1. wow, agree agree, so true!

    i train koreans in speaking in english. and they have high regards for me just because of that, to think that a lot of east asians are discriminating towards peeps here in souheast asia.

  2. The personal hate for English of the Philippines is mostly driven by jealousy[rampant crab mentality in the Philippines]. Isn’t it funny when our ‘nationalistas’ say ‘Nasa Pilipinas ka, mag-Tagalog ka, hindi English’. They must be forgetting that 3/4 of Filipinos are non-Tagalogs. They must realize that to many non-Tagalogs, English[or Spanish] holds a more neutral position

    The problem with Filipinos is inferiority complex. If one is good at one thing, what do we do? We brand them as colonial minded person, unpatriotic. Even Filipinos who are native Spanish speakers do not escape this kind of grudge.

    The Philippines is weird. If you’re good at English[or basically any foreign language], you are seen with disdain, called unpatriotic. If you’re bad at English, you’re laughed at.

  3. I agree with you Kris, tagalog is not my primary language, it’s even my third language but i am very proud of this country like any tagalog speaking nationalista.

  4. some people react to those who speak English because they cannot speak the language. some people react because they are judgmental. some people are plain patriotic.

    but there are also trying hard people who speak the language even if they cannot speak it right. and there are people who believe they speak the language fluently but still lack the click.

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