Earning Money from Domain Names

I’ve been making money from domain names for about 8 years already. Although not much, just fairly even to be honest. I have not fully gave my time into it.

But I have sold a few domains, the biggest catch was only 400$. I bought the domain for 10$.

The first registrar that I have bought my first domain was Godaddy. That was in 2002. I am still a customer up to now. Although, they’re not the best of the best, but I am satisfied.

They also offer webhosting, SSL certificates, and also reseller hosting package for those wanting to have their own webhosting business on the internet.

Godaddy is now the number one domain registrar in the world, in terms of number of domains sold. It used to be Network Solutions, but the $34.99/year prices are putting off a lot of customers, in Godaddy it’s only $11.99/year! You even avail a domain name for $1.99/year, if buying with another non domain item.

Visit www.GoDaddy.com if you want to buy your own domains.


    1. hi Miss.

      I read domain forums such as namepros.com to educate myself about domains and sign up at Sedo.com. This is where I sell my domains.

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