Don't Waste Your Time on Survivor Philippines

Survivor Philippines

First and foremost, this is not a rant against Survivor Philippines, but a warning to those who plan of joining the next screening. According to my not so reliable source it would be within this year.

Don’t waste your time means don’t waste your time and energy by lining up for 5 to 8 hours only to be ditched in less than a minute. You may watch the show, but don’t even think of joining if you’re just an average looking Juan.

Paolo Bediones’ line that “This is not an artista search” I believe it was just a gimmick as an attempt make the show popular.


I got the past first level of screening, which was the interview part. While waiting for another hour in the second level of screening, which was the VTR or camera portion. I stood beside a goodlooking guy, the model type. He was quiet. While me and other participants were so excited, we talked and exchanged some ideas. He was oblivious of the excitement around him.

In the VTR portion, we were asked two questions. About 20 participants were there, some made some witty and trying-to-convince answers. I realized that all those answers were just nothing.

The artistahin guy beside me was the only one chosen. One of the guys in our group commented later that it was a setup. He was suspicious of the guy beside me.

I got another info from my source that some models were being told to lineup with the rest of the average looking Filipino citizens and brave the heat, cramps and hunger. Just to make the screening appear legitimate. Two days later, the Survivor Philippines producers carried out a separate tryout for models from different talent agencies in Metro Manila.

Conclusion: Don’t’ bother yourself joining Survivor Philippines or any reality tv show if you are not telegenic.


  1. if this scheme is indeed true, this is very much reflective of pinoy society and culture. looks are very important, sometimes more so than actual ability. so sad

  2. Well as a commoner I guess we are out of luck. Besides I dont really much watched local reality shows. Baduy eh….baduy na nga ako baduy pa panunuorin ko. Ulk…barf.

    Peace πŸ™‚ heh heh heh

  3. if anything, i think this is true. same with pbb i guess.. if they were looking for models, they should have franchised some american reality model search show instead..tsk, very sad indeed. good thing i read your post gwapito, i was considering lining up..hahaha..bongkoy is right, commoners don’t stand a chance against those “finely crafted” models.. πŸ™‚ cheers!

  4. In Pinoy Idol too? That’s sad.

    In the last Idol in ABC, i think physical appearance was not a factor since the winner was not considered pretty at all.

  5. My mom already did, and she just went home uber disappointed. given that GMA is doing a trial-and-error for this show, as SOP of any newly-produced shows they won’t just resort to just getting people from a long line.

    Same with StarStruck 1 (whose auditions are oblivious), Pinoy Big Brother, etc.

  6. I’m not surprised. A friend went to SM Cebu for the Survivor Philippines audition only to find out that it was just a “front”. “Front” – that’s his word.

  7. It’s a contest. But it’s still a TV show. Once I saw on TV the snapshots of Survivor Philippines screening images. And I told myself… “Yan yung mga nag-aapply? Mga ordinary people, with ordinary face and mukhang mahirap na tao?”

    I’m actually thinking… “Buti kung matanggap sila.”

    I guess mamimili pa ren sila kung may itsura yung tao. And kung may mag-apply na matindi pero super mukhang mahirap, I don’t think makukuha yun…

  8. been hearing about this lately… true pala. if somebody is mukhang mahirap and was not chosen, pang elite lang ba ang show? well, maybe, they also have to market the event but they should have listed some requirements at di pinaasa ang lahat..

  9. Yup, i agree. But i think they will also get at one “mukhang mahirap” so there would be “divesity”, pero sa tingin ko 90% are good looking.

  10. As with the other network’s “sakit”, such auditions for reality TV shows are manipulated or to a certain extent, modified. Grrrr. Let’s just call it for what it is, manipulated. There are even invitational auditions by talent scouts. It’s like calling payola in the music industry “single placement”. In broadcasting, they call it “invitational audition.” So, is it bad? One thing’s for sure, it’s not living up to the real essence of fair play that’s supposed to be present in any kind of audition process.

  11. Sa nag post nito… isa lng ibig kong sabihin… Hindi porket di ka napili or mas pinili ung may itsura sa iyo… is ibig sabihin parang gagawing artista search..

    Ganito yan mga iho at iha…pagbabalanse ang pagpili jan.. hindi lhat mahirap hindi lahat mayaman.. hindi lahat maganda hindi lahat pangit…

    so lahat pde makasali… All race from our society kung baga may mayaman, mahirap, bata, matanda, pangit, maganda, payat, mataba.. at kung anu anu pa…

    Dahil 18 lng ang pagpipilian malamang kumuha cla depends on the personality na meron kang…hindi uso d2 ang magpakabait or magpakaplastic.. dapat kung anu ka un ang ipakita mo..

    Pangit naman kc kung ang kukunin mo, puro mabait, or puro masama or puro maganda or puro pangit. dapat balanse ang pagpili.

    Tingnan mo ung mga kasali ngaun.. lahat iba iba…halos walang nagkakapareho sa personality…

    Ganyan talaga sa audition.. hindi porket mahirap ka ikaw ang priority… lets give a chance din naman sa mga maykaya or mayaman para makasali… or guapo or pangit na makasali…

    Ung nagsulat nito isa lng masasabi ko.. may pagka makasarili ka un lng… kung c emerson nga tatlong beses pumila para lng makuha….

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