Call Center Blooper

There was a topic posted at Pinoyexchange about a new call center being setup in Cebu City. Then a member replied taunted the Cebuanos’ English accent basically saying that American clients are harsh if they find out that the technical support are outsourced somewhere in Asia.

That ignorant member could be watching too much racist tagalog movies where an uneducated Visayan housemaid with weird accent is made the center of bigot jokes.

I found a video on Youtube. A call center agent with an obvious tagalog accent was trying hard to sound American (required on most call centers), but fell short. She even told the caller that she is a Fil-American in California… Ortigas Center! Hear on the 4:30 part of the video. Better if you listen to this from start to finish.

My conclusion, don’t make fun of other people’s accent. It’s just simply a racist thing to do.


  1. I’m not sure but it seems to me that Filipinos tend to make fun of other people’s accent than any other nationalities. We’re even more notorious than the native English speakers when criticizing accents and grammars of non-native speakers

  2. the most funny thing here is the client..he pretends that he grew up in the US and doesnt speak much tagalog…but geezzzzz his filipino accent is strong as well

  3. The guy is a GREAT PRETENDER!! he tried to intimidate her, made fun of her and wasn’t interested with her offer…

    but the truth is: the ‘agent’ and the ‘offer’ is not REAL. purely GAG!

    maybe they know the guy or simply picked a random victim…

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