Bisaya Pala Ha!

People in the big cities such as Manila and Cebu have a notion that they are the center of correct pronunciations. But Manilans are the most ironically notorious.

Metro Manila being the capital of the Philippines, and the most advanced in the finances. For so many years they have made fun of people’s accent and pronunciations from the provinces, the Bisayans the most constant butt of jokes.

Manilans’ superiority complex overlooked their own shortcomings. So I made an article many years ago to expose and correct their poor pronunciations.

Watch the related video from World of the Lourd:


    1. It must be Sinebuano Cebuano will lead to confusing of Visayan languages.
      Visayan(bisaya) has many defferent languages Cebuano,Ilongo,Waray, Capiznon etc. Heavy migration to Mindanao of people from Cebu and Dumaguete etc in 1940’s, spurred by government-sponsored resettlement programmes,is the reason that mostly people in Mindanao are Cebuano or 90% speak the Cebuano language.
      Also Ilonggo people from Panay and Negros islands who speak Hiligaynon migrated in Mindanao and most of them settled in Pigkawayan and Midsayap North Cotabato areas. Also the reason why mostly people in these areas are Ilongo.

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