Be Proud of Your Lesser Known School

Your school may not always get the media exposure unlike the supposedly Top 4 universities in the Philippines.

You always see these universities on television, they are on UAAP. When their top students wins something in an academic contests, newspapers quickly write about them.

As a result of their constant media exposure, students from lesser known schools in Manila and in the provinces feel dwarfed and have the belief that these “top” schools are the gods of all universities.

Did you know that most corrupt government officials come from these media popular schools?

One of these schools is not even in the top 10 performing schools based on the results of board exams.

A virtually unknown Luzon state university is producing better scientists than the more popular state university.

A university in the Visayas has better board exam passing rate than the university located in the U Belt.

So, be proud of your school.


  1. Please don’t forget that the most noble Filipinos like Dr. Jose Rizal and Sen. Ninoy Aquino came from those schools!

    I bet there are also corrupt people from your humble University of San Carlos!

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