Are You a Dream Breaker?

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When there are dreamers, there will always be dream breakers just sitting around the corner. Waiting for the dreamer to say something “impossible” to achieve in his or her lifetime.

In the Bible, Joseph the Dreamer had dream breakers in his brothers. Yes, dream breakers could be your brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, or son.

Your father could make fun of your plans and dreams, and may even say something to hurt your feelings to “help” you wake up and simply stop dreaming.

Some dream breakers are our friends. Let’s be watchful.

The Britain’s Got Talent runner up Susan Boyle was not spared with the dream breakers in this life. She once joined a talent show, and harshly mocked by the host, perhaps a way for her not win the contest.

She was 47 when she became a worldwide hit. Usually, singers get recognized even when they’re teens or in their twenties. Her dream got delayed, but Susan never gave up on her dream.

The dream breaker could also be our own self. We could be a dream breaker on somebody else’s dream or on our own dream.

Be a dream maker for others and yourself. Never give up, and keep dreaming impossible dreams.

Below is video of Susan Boyle’s story:
Part 1
Part 2


  1. dream breakers are the people who makes the trials in reaching your dreams and they will help you to strengthen your faith that you will reach them whatever happens…
    don’t be afraid to those dream breaker., rather than make them your inspirations.

    1. Melanie, dream breakers can be a motivation to pursue one’s dream, but there are people who do not know how to respond to breaking, they just simply get discouraged.

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