ABu Sayyaf and ABS-cbn Conspiracy?

Ces Drilon and two of her crew were abducted by the infamous ABu Sayyaf this week. Ms Drilon has been interviewing terrorists before such as NPA, Erap Estrada, MILF, and ABu Sayyaf.

Could this be a conspiracy performed together as a partnership between ABu Sayyaf and ABS cbn?

Reasons I find very, very, very, very, very disturbing:

  • ABS-cbn wanting to increase its television ratings, paid ABu Sayyaf bandits with an undisclosed amount.
  • ABu Sayyaf and ABS-cbn – just by looking at their names, even a one year old could tell that both have some things in common.


  1. The so-called kidnapping and release had to happen at a time when the power generation issue is giving the network in question a very bad rep… It takes one to know one. I mean, only a media practitioner can maximize the very same industry that’s being abused here. And what about Loren Legarda who was earlier lauded nationwide for being responsible for Ces Drilon’s “unconditional” release? It turned out that there was a Php 5 million ransom that Ces admitted to knowing about. Unconditional? Not anymore. So, what the heck was Loren’s role really in the whole shebang?

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