While Others are Busy Stealing and Complaining

While some public officials and government employees are busy stealing the money that stunted the growth of our country.

A few people are doing the opposite – planting seeds of life for the Philippines, they’re giving hope to the hopeless.

See the few people helping other people. Get to know the Book Sharing Project.

Then some of the noisy Pinoys complain about the hardship, the filthiness, the dirt, the corruption. Never ending noise about ‘how hard life is in the Philippines’, or ‘this and that politician is corrupt’.

See also  Kaka

The Yellow Boat project, providing free boats to kids going to school.

But there are those who remain literally quiet, and let the hands and feet do the talking.

The video below, will change our mindset about government employees. The Philippine Marines helping the kids in Sulu learn football without asking for any payment.

These are the true Filipino with love for others in action.

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