More Important Things than Complaining

I have come to realized that complaining to a “racial” slur is worth nothing.

We sometimes respond in hate to a hate. We blame the government for all the social problems, accuse them of corruption. Religious debate here and there. Upset because our salaries are too little.

All of these are just trivial. There are more important things in life.

My selfishness disappears every time i watch this video.


  1. The sad part here is that the Filipino mindset, over the decades, has been conditioned to ‘complain’ rather than act. Times like these should be the time to ponder/contemplate but people are too overwhelmed with emotions

  2. Agreed. It’s a sad reality of life some (dare I say many?) Filipinos find it conveniently easier to complain.

    Then again, don’t people generally do anyway?

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