MMA Versus Boxing

There has been a lot of talk about MMA versus boxing, and that the former would obviously win.

One evidence is when James Toney was easily overwhelmed by Randy Couture at 3:19 in the first round.

It was a mismatched. Toney was only training MMA for four months while Couture has been doing it for more than 10 years. The age factor is negligible, Toney is 42, while Couture is 47.

What about MMA fight it out using the boxing rule? No grappling and kicking.

I’m pretty sure boxing will win over mix martial arts.


  1. You failed to mention that Toney was the one who challenged the MMA practitioner to an MMA fight! Toney lost because he thought he wont be forced to the ground, its his fault for NOT training ground and pound.

    1. WikingBK, Toney’s challenge on Couture was not my point. It’s about MMA vs boxing, and that boxer could win over an MMA athlete following the boxing rule.

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