How to Have a Celebrity Girlfriend

Iza Calzado

This is for men who just hopelessly dreamed about having an actress girlfriend or wife. Even for women who want to have a high profiled boyfriend or husband, just follow the basic principles written below.

1. Consider all women equal. I mean, do not consider Iza Calzado or Anne Curtis as unreachable goddesses, and yourself a tiny mere mortal.

It starts with this mindset.

2. Be confident with yourself. As I have said in number one, you’re not a tiny mere mortal, each person is special and think of yourself as one.

3. Hang around where the celebrities are. Either you make the effort to go to places where the popular people hang out or just fate would lead you there. It’s the first way to get the famous actress or politician notice you.

4. Dress up. Wear clothes that’s modest, not too much or not too shabby. Not necessarily expensive, only you can afford, no pretensions. Be presentable to the girl, her family and friends.

5. Love truly. Make sure you do it because of love, and do not make your celebrity girlfriend as an achievement or a trophy.

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