Get Matured One Notch Higher

I should get matured one notch higher. I have to give up some attitudes both online and offline for the sake of the good of others. I should spread positivity.

After hearing the speakers at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit today in Iligan City. Conviction fell over me. Thanks to Commissioner Naderev Saño, Marilou Nanaman, Mr. Ali Bari, Engr. Sumaoy, Anna Oposa and Ms. Janette Toral.

Although the topic was generally about Environment, I felt that to rekindle my love for the environment, it should start from within me, my words, my blog posts.

I should change my articles a bit here, gone will be immature posts. Gone will be my criticism towards Manila. It should be.


  1. Hi Jeffrey. The event was indeed an eye opener on environmental issues. Congratulations to you folks for a successful event. What I learned from MBS5 will certainly be memorable in the years to come.

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