African Americans Hostile Toward Asians?

After i saw the picture of Pearson, a US judge who sued the Korean American owners of a laundry shop Custom Cleaners for $64 Million over a lost pair of pants, it instantly confirmed the comment of my Filipino friend about African Americans.Thankfully, Pearson lost his battle to earn that millions of dollars.

My friend works as a programmer for a popular watch company in the US. He has had first hand experiences of unfavorable things done by African Americans.

My friend’s car door got dented when another car owned by a black person parked beside his. The other person purposely opened his car door with force and wide that it hit the door of my friend’s car.

Although, this friend of mine told me that a few of them are really good, but generally they’re unfriendly toward Asians.

Probably African Americans are envious of Asians’ for being generally doing good financially? I could be wrong though.


  1. Majority of African Americans do not have a degree in college and are mostly exposed to street crimes at an early age. Most become members of gangs or end up in jail. They excell only in sports because of their built. Asians on the other hand are hard working and well-educated. They only leave their country to look for better opportunities abroad. An example of this would be Indians (INdia), who turn out to be successful in the medical profession.

  2. i live in chicago, and in my observation, asians could also be very hostile to african americans. mavuyuka’s comment clearly reflects that hostility. truth be told, there are as many decent, hard-working and well-educated african americans, as other minorities.

    pinoys also carry lots of prejudice against blacks. “ay itim!”(oh, black!) and “itim kasi” (it’s so black) are typical comments that you would hear from an uninformed pinoy. most of these comments/prejudices are reflective of what the media has highlighted, which is only part of a bigger reality. and the reality is that there are good and bad african americans, as there are good an bad asians, or latinos, or whites. in fact, there are some fellow pinoys who are as hurtful, or worse, to their fellow pinoys, whether they are in the philippines or abroad.

    my point is, one cannot automatically blame the color of one’s skin, as a singular factor why he/she is against another person, because doing so is simply racist.

  3. I have this thinking that African Americans are envious towards Asians because they are the “new” minority. With so many successful African-Americans in sports and entertainment, they have become mainstream in the US along with their Caucasian brothers, despite the fact that there are more blacks who are deep in poverty and crime.

  4. I also find Filipinos to be ironically wrong. They whine when some white dude would say racist comment, but most Filipinos are racists too.

  5. Generally ALL races are, in one form or another, prejudice againts things that are different from what they know. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, you will always have a snide remark about a certain race in the privacy of your own car, home etc…….. I’m guilty. African/Americans feel victimized due to the way they are treated, looked down on and have become more defensive and hostile againts those attacks.
    I can’t say I blame them. The fact remains that a minority of them are notorious for being “gangsta” ruining it for most of them who are successful and respectable in the community. As filipinos, we must learn to distinguish the two and try hard to be more tolerant and patient. I am angered sometimes but why should we stoop down? We are better than that, di ba? And if you come to think of it, are we not also prejudice againts our own race sometimes? Example “O, na-a na sad ning si Manong nga nag bitay ug rosario-han sa iyang rear-view mirror” Or, “Ka baduy baya gyud aning manang oi. Gahi man kaayo ug ininglis, pa Louis Vuitton pa, fake diay to!” O, diba???
    Again, tolerance is the key. Also nobody is above the law, so if someone tries to break your property, hurt you, call 911.
    Nuf said.

  6. I worked before with an African-American in serving local communities in Mindanao. He was one of the best people I’ve ever worked with, and up to now, I feel pangs of guilt for some of the things that I regretted doing against him during those days. Looking back, I realized that I was more racist than him. And what did this experience teach me? That ALL of us, in varying degrees, have a tendency to be racist. It can’t just be confined to certain groups of people. And, some groups may be more racist than others. To be able to look beyond the exterior–skin, blood, complexion, appearance, background—and see what a person really is inside, is to me life’s great challenge.

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