Investing in the Stock Market

This was probably a life-long dream of entering into the stock market. Since I was a teenager, I’ve been wanting to be part of this. But was apprehensive because it looked too high for me.

When I learned that any Filipino with a P5,000 pesos, can now join the stock market. I said to myself, this is it. This is the right time.

What I did was learn about the stock market, by watching videos, and of course by reading books.

I even ordered one by Marvin Germo, his second book entitled, “Winning Strategies for Investing”. It’s P495 plus shipping fee of 120 for provincial deliveries or a total of P615. I have never spent this price for a book before.

stock market businessman happy

I believe before entering into any endeavor, every person should have enough knowledge. I’ve been into small business in the past, but had lack of knowledge, so the business failed.

Even Robert Kiyosaki have pointed out this mistake usually done by small businesses.

Next month, I will be opening an account at ColFinancial. I’m excited.

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