European Countries that Will Be Attacked by Terrorists in 2016

Expect more Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe this year and in the years to come.

The over 130 dead in Paris last November 2015 would probably be just a minor number.

My prediction is that at least five European countries will be attacked by Quran-inspired perpetrators, and they are France, England, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

The Factors
1. These four countries have a growing secular and atheist population who are blindly protective of Muslims.

2. The increasing Muslim population, surpassing the non-Muslims in growth rate.

3. The flow of Illegal immigrants and the large number of Muslim refugees that entered in 2015 in each of the countries I mentioned above.

There may not an over an 50 dead in a single attack, but I expect more than a hundred dead people in total computed from several attacks this year.

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