Catholics and Muslims both worship idols

Catholics are known for worshiping human-shaped statues, religiously termed as “idols”. Although, Catholics would counter-argue that they are not worshiping directly to an idol. The statues are just a “representation”. I should know, I used to use this defensive argument when confronted by non-Catholics.

I used to listened to Socrates Fernandes, a famous Catholic Faith defender. He has many counter-argument that makes sense at the time. But like most Catholics, I was not an avid Bible-reader. I only listened to what’s the “best” counter-argument. That was how I built my faith. If we want to have a stronger faith, read or listen to the Bible, according to Romans 10:17.

It’s not only evangelical Christians and other non-Catholic Christian denominations that are criticizing the Catholic’s idol worship. Muslims who claim to not venerate any form of idol are also staunch critic of the Roman Catholic’s Bible-contradicting idol worship.

Yes, Muslims do worship an idol

I already confronted Muslims about them worshiping an idol. I told them that ‘bowing before the Kaaba is worshiping an idol’. The large black cube structure may not look like the usual human-shaped idol, but in itself is an idol. Even its origin was pagan, but more about this later.

The Muslims’ usual response is basically similar to the Catholics. Muslims will usually, “we don’t worship the Kaaba directly, we focus our minds on Allah”.

Muslims around the world face towards Mecca (Makkah) when they pray. Muslims who are doing the the Tawaf would even touch or kiss it when they get closed to the Black Stone structure.

Similarly, Catholics in some countries, would face, touch and kiss their idol saints.

Mohammed imitated what the Jews when they practice their religion. Jews face the temple when they pray. There were other customs from different religions that Mohammed incorporated into his new religion

Video of Muslims surrounding the Kaabah

Look at the similar scenario of Catholics in the Philippines

The Origin of the Kaabah

The place where the original Kaabah stood used to have more than 360 idols of different shapes. Mohammed smashed the 360 idols, but he kept the bigger ones. For many years, the Kaabah was surrounded by big idols with Mohammed’s permission. Although, when he returned to Mecca in 630AD, he smashed all the remaining idols in the city.

Nobody knows the exact date of when it was erected nor the age of the Kaabah. It was already a pagan shrine even before Islam became a religion.

Muslims are taught that the Kaabah was built by Abraham and Ishmael, but no evidence could corroborate this claim.

Why we should not need any “representation” of God

I am an evangelical Christian. I do not need any tangible “representation” of God. It’s idolatry or paganism plain and simple, no matter how you play with words to defend a practice.

According to John 4:24, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” We communicate and venerate God in Spirit. From man’s spirit to God’s Spirit.

The human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). The need for a literal temple or masjid is just secondary or not important. We can worship God within our own body.

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