Good versus Evil in the Real World

Good versus Evil in the movies and video games wherein the Good is portrayed as a lush tree full of leaves and fruits planted in paradise-like world, while Evil is symbolized as a dead leafless tree in a desert in twilight.

In the movies, examples are Lord of the Rings, Epic (animation), in video games – DOTA. All Evil do is wreak havoc and spread its destruction as wide as possible.

lord of the rings photo: Lord of the Rings LOTR12.jpg

Unfortunately, these metaphors are literally happening in the real world today. Terrorists kill unarmed civilians who were begging for mercy. Destroy historic structures and ancient artworks. For us, it may appear that these terrorists are doing it for no reason just like in the movies. Although, the terror is just the fruit of the seeds (or the words) planted into their minds.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). The Evil in the real world is an exact opposite of Jesus Christ.

Those who choose his Way, will find the Truth, and will live a Life. Life not just in the spirit, but also physically, financially, mentally, and all according to his promises.

If an individual believes in Jesus and does according to His commandments, the Life he is living will also spread to his community. So that Community will live a Life, and so politically speaking that community is developed and progressive.

While a community that is opposed to Jesus Christ and his followers, is a Life of destruction and chaos.

I choose Life. I choose Christ.

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