The Next President in 2022 is a Duterte

The next president would be a Duterte again. Any of the Duterte family. It could be President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, Paolo Duterte, Basti Duterte or Inday Sara Duterte. But if based on leadership qualities, it’s a toss-up between Digong and Sara.


Here is why Digong would be president in 2022
If Rodrigo Duterte will do his job well as a president and if the Philippine Constitution would be amended which would allow current president to run again for another term.

Here is why Sara Duterte would be president in 2022
If Rodrigo Duterte will do his job well as a president, this benefits the whole Duterte politicians.

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According to DavaoeƱos I talked to, Sara is even a better politician than his father. So Sara could be the next best among the Duterte siblings, but only if Digong can do his job well in the next 6 years.

How about you? Would you like Digong or Sara as the next president in 2022?

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  1. Kung maganda ang pagpapatakbo nya ng bansa for the coming 6 years then we can vote for Rodrigo Duterte again (if he will amend the constitution) or any member of his family.

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