The Slave Way of Thinking of the Filipinos / Africans

This write-up could also relate to people from countries occupied by the major colonizing countries such as United States, France, and England etc.

I based this article from a preaching I heard in church last Sunday. The topic was basically about changing your way of thinking. Even a spiritually free person has to work his way to change his thinking that he is indeed free.

An example is the Israelites, even after Moses delivered them from slavery out of Egypt, God had to test

and teach them to change their minds. If only the Israelites were teachable enough, they could have reached the Promise Land in less than two months. But it took 40 years, and only two of those original millions of Israelites reached the land of milk and honey.God won’t allow the Israelites to set foot on the promise land if they still have the oppressed mindset inflicted on by the Egyptians.

Similarly, for 300 years the Filipinos had been under Spanish colonial rule. Then United States took over for another 50 years.

Skin White and Block and White
The arrogant white Spaniards and Americans have successfully managed to setup their dominance over the brown native people on all areas. Consequentially, Filipinos (or Africans) thought that having a dark skin is inferior to the white skin.

No wonder, Skin White and Block and White are selling like hotcakes!

Overdone Hospitality
As a kid it irritated me when my mother displayed those “special” cooking utensils, plates, spoons and glasses in the glassed cabinet, and can only be used in “special” occasions and for the “special” guests. We had to be contented in using those ugly plates and spoons.

The slaves use the ugly plates and spoons.

Premier Accent and the Inferior Accent
Filipinos have this wrong thinking that having an American or British accent is superior while any local accent is inferior.

This is another slave state of mind.

Continually, be free!

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