mocha uson

Why Do You Bash Mocha Uson?

mocha uson
Mocha Uson is probably the most bashed personality in the social media these days. Uson is a known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, so it’s safe to say that majority of those who lash out at her didn’t vote for the incumbent president in the last election.

I must admit I’m not a fan nor an opponent of her. I rarely visit her website, probably just thrice, and now make it fourth this time, because I had to, just for this blogpost.

Her Past Life
I first her heard of her name in the news many years back when she posted a controversial lesbian kiss photo. Her website is full of naked photos, and some of these photos could make some religious people angry especially the Catholics. A photo of her wearing a nun get up and blowing a condom. That will surely tick people off.

Recently, she vowed to no longer do her racy and sexy side and will project a wholesome image. Good to hear and besides she’s already 34 years old. Some sexy starlets regretted their past nude and naked past life.

So why do people bash her?
She’s opinionated. Every opinionated person will surely create enemies. Even Carlos Celdran also has his share of bashers. Both of them are opinionated.

I myself has a few bashers, I write many straightforward and controversial articles.

Her sexual and beautiful image. Human beings imbued with beauty are often portrayed as only “good looks but no brains”. I have that discriminating mindset at the back of my mind. We are all guilty, but this can also be partly true. Some pretty people depend on their looks for their careers, but neglect to invest in knowledge.

Ed Lingao, an experience journalist belittled her form of journalism, saying “Fascinating. So now, a visit by an avid supporter is defined as journalism”.


I believe Mocha Uson is intelligent. She went to University of Santo Tomas for her college. UST is one of the top universities in the country, and they have higher standards, and it’s not easy to get accepted. Her father was a lawyer and a judge at that. While her mother is a doctor. With that professional careers one has to have at least an IQ of 120. I’m pretty sure she inherited her parent’s intelligence.

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