Why I Want To Grow Richer

In this life I don’t have to beat around the bush especially in pursuit of earning an income. Not just any mere income, but in considerable, extensive, huge, vast, enormous amount and so on.

Being rich has more perks than being in the ordinary simple life. I don’t want to have simple life. Not necessarily become popular, but I just don’t want to live a life of simplicity. Although I have to put myself out before getting those perks.

The Bible doesn’t say to avoid getting rich. But Jesus warns those who are wealthy not engross their minds of what they have. Not to love money, but love God first. Money is not the root of all evil. The correct verse is the love of money is the root of all evil.

1. A rich man’s ideas are always welcome. When he talks, the people listen. Best if use for the good of others.
2. He usually gets the best seat in the room even if he doesn’t ask for it.
3. He can eat any food that he likes, and can avoid and find alternative for the food that he doesn’t like.
4. Practically go to places where most people cannot.
More positive advantages:
5. Because he has the money, he is able to help those who doesn’t have.

It is appalling to hear the conduct of other rich people especially the men. A famous Filipino wealthy businessman who rose to fame because of his rags to riches story was asked this question in an interview, Are you always faithful to your wife? and his honest answer was, That’s a really hard question.

Selfish is the man who says, I just want to have what’s enough for me and my family.

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Thanks in advance!


  1. I wish I was rich enough to send you a check. But I’m on the same boat and there are holes in it! I like the way you spell out the advantages of becoming rich. There’s nothing wrong about becoming rich as long as the purpose is positive. Good luck on your dream!

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